Tesoro Fund Management & Investment

Building a decentralized ecosystem to ensure retail traders and institutional investors understand financial markets better.

ICO will finish in

  • days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds

Private Sale and pre sale is finished 25 million token sold . 5,000,000 $ raised


1 ORO = 0.50$

Minimum : 0.01 ETH

Bonus : 30% ORO

Tesoro guarantee a profit return to the investors up to 60%

The rest 40% of the profit made in the fund would be reinvested to gurantee a long term constant return to investors. Profit will be given to the investor in ethereum on every 15th of the month.

When the ico will finish the token will be listed at the exchange

About Tesoro Fund Managment

Short story about us

The Team around Tesoro consists of experienced trader, who have long experience in the fields of forex and cryptocurrencies and already prove their worth.

Tesoro will launch a token called ORO Through ERC20

A name which all the people can trust , because ORO means Gold and Gold is they way for the wealth. Oro will be tokinized cryptocurrency index fund of the top 20 currencies

Tesoro Team concept is to maximize the profit and minimize the risk.

Vision & Goal


Tesoro investement fund will have a diversified portfolio which will minimize the risk and maximize the return to the token holder. The diversified portfolio will have the top 20 crypto that are circulating in the market and the top currencies.


Tesoro investemnt fund (ORO) will allow token holders to make stable profits even if they lack the know how and experience. Tesoro investement fund (ORO) is has an experienced team that are there to ensure a return

Road Map

  • Feb 2018
    Building website and social media
    Complete white paper Marketing for ico
  • Mar 2018
    introducing the ICO
  • April 2018
    Creating investemnt portfolio
    Start of investement Listing in the exchange
  • Aug 2018
    Obtaining licsence and opening head quarter office
  • Sep 2018
    Tesoro coin will increase in price because of the profit which be will given
  • Oct 2018
    introduction of an application that will make sure the investor can track their token price and all the related news

Meet The Team



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Ceo of loca managment fund

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Senior market analyst

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Crypto advisor Manager

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Investor and advisor

Press and Media

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Tesoro fund managment and investement , Dubai

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